Get that brilliant new bathroom

Look after your bathroom and it will look after you. You can do it by giving those old work surfaces and worktops some much-needed TLC. Whether you’re after updating the existing appearance of your bathroom or fancy a completely new colour scheme, Granite Transformations Colchester has the necessary solutions.

If you need any help trying to reinvent your bathroom space you only need to ask. Our consultants will love giving you ideas that will turn it into an exciting setting that you won’t be able to stop using. We would argue that no-one knows bathrooms better than our talented experts.

  • Fully water resistant

    Water exposure will have no detrimental effect on our worktops as they can resist water and sustain their performance. This will give you extra peace of mind whenever water happens to splash onto your surfaces. They’re also equipped to deal with the humid temperatures of the bathroom.

    The many splashbacks and shower liners in our extensive range also promise to deliver water resistance.

  • Apply some colour

    Choosing the right colour for your worktop will be difficult as there’s so many finishes available, but you will definitely find something that you love. Our colour palette encompasses traditional finishes and the most up-to-the-minute effects.

    You will uncover familiar finishes such as black and white, together with contemporary offerings like emerald green.

  • Fit for wherever you want

    We have ensured that our products are versatile so that they can be utilised in many different areas of the bathroom. This has been recognised by some of the world’s most famous architects and interior designers who often stipulate Granite Transformations for their projects.

    When additional versatility is imperative you can always ask Granite Transformations Colchester to custom design a worktop for you. Inform us of your requirements and our designers will produce the goods.